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Introducing Infinite Painter – a pro painting app for Android

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When people think of digital art, they often think of the iPad and the app Procreate. But what if you’ve just purchased one of the greatest Android tablets available on the market, and you’re anxious to start working on your next masterpiece on it? For Android users, there is one painting software that stands out above the rest: Infinite Painter. It provides a high-quality drawing experience via the use of a basic interface that is simple to use even for novices. Advanced users, on the other hand, will find a plethora of tools that turn this into a comprehensive painting studio.

Intuitive user interface

When you open a new canvas, you will see two toolbars appear. The primary floating toolbar is where you’ll find all of your drawing tools. This is where you can access all of the various brushes, modify the color of the paint, and adjust the opacity and size of the brush, among other things.

The other toolbar, which is permanently attached to the top of the screen, has four buttons. Two of them are responsible for launching the various tool sets. Among other things, one button opens your layers panel, while the final one is responsible for importing and exporting files, as well as accessing your settings.

Customize your workspace

Infinite Painter provides a little amount of flexibility in terms of customizing its basic workspace. This may be accomplished by dragging your most often used tools from their respective tool panels and pinning them to the top bar. This specific function is only available on tablets.

In addition to docking the color wheel and color palette, you can dock the app on both tablet and phone devices. Instead of needing to touch to open the wheel each time you want to switch colors while painting, this allows you to swap colors much more quickly while painting. If you don’t like the basic color wheel style, you may pick from six other options. Click here for more information.

Wide range of brushes

Infinite Painter provides a diverse collection of brushes that are divided into many categories. Many of them are designed to look and feel like actual paintbrushes and paint, giving your work a more authentic painting appearance and feel. Additionally, there are a variety of drawing pencils, chalks, and charcoals available, as well as a community library of user-created brushes.

Fills are very useful tools that may be used in a variety of situations. Fills, sometimes known as lasso tools, are tools that add color to a picture as you create shapes with them, without the need for a paint bucket.

The program has a robust brush editor, similar to the one seen in Procreate. It might be a frightening feature for newcomers to explore with, but it has been created in a straightforward manner that makes it simple to use. You may alter the form of the brush, the texture of the paint, and the way the paint mixes with the paint that is already on the canvas by adjusting the parameters.

Guides and perspective grids

Infinite Painter assists you in drawing objects with proper perspective by giving a variety of various sorts of grids to choose from. There are three different perspective grids to choose from: one, two, and three-point perspective grids, as well as a curvilinear grid. If you prefer designing isometric visuals and environments, there is also a grid available for you to use in that endeavor.

As soon as you’ve selected a grid and specified the parameters, the lines you create will be drawn in the same orientation as the grid. Alternatively, you may turn off the snapping if you merely want to utilize the lines as a suggestion rather than following them perfectly. When a grid is active, picking one of the shape tools will allow you to create neat circles and rectangles that are in line with the perspective of the scene.

Navigator window

It is possible to navigate around a zoomed-in canvas with the help of the Navigator panel, which is a floating window. You can still observe how the artwork is altered while you are painting the details since it keeps a 100 percent view of the artwork at all times. Zooming in enlarges the canvas area that is visible on screen, resulting in a red box appearing in the window that surrounds that piece of canvas. It is also possible to change the color scheme of this window to black and white.

Color with gradient maps

Infinite Painter is one of the very few mobile painting apps with a gradient map feature. It’s a quick way to change the colors of an image, or to add color to a grayscale image.

First, you select the colors for the highlights, midtones, and shadows. The app then creates a gradient from this as a new layer and applies it over your image. It matches up the light levels (or values) in your painting to those selected colors.

Importing reference images

Photos may be imported into the program as either a new layer or as reference images to be used in your workspace. It is important to note that when photographs are imported as a reference, they will reside above your canvas rather than being pasted onto it. You may also include many images, resulting in something like to a floating Pinterest board. Each picture may be resized, moved, and even flipped without impacting the canvas’s size or composition. A new button appears in the upper right corner, which pulls down a panel that allows you to decide which photographs are shown.

Because it is named Infinite Painter, it is better suited to painting and sketching than anything else, and the brush sets do an excellent job of simulating conventional mediums. It does, however, lack several features that comic writers could find useful, such as text and dialog bubbles. Clip Studio Paint is a program that may be used for this purpose.

There are a variety of different free digital drawing applications available. Despite the fact that some will have less features, they may be better choices for the casual doodler. Infinite Painter, on the other hand, is a sophisticated mobile painting studio that runs on your tablet.


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