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The Play Store will soon hide old apps in the name of security

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There was a time when we constantly reported on the amount of applications available in the Google Play Store, but it was primarily before the store was officially named the “Play Store.” Despite the passage of time, there are now more applications available than you could possibly need. There are so many available, in fact, that we can honestly say that we no longer need the older ones. Recently released Android upgrades have prioritized security, yet those abandoned applications do not comply with all of the new standards for the operating system. The search engine giant will take measures later this year to guarantee that applications from the past aren’t having a detrimental influence on your personal security.

At the moment, Google demands that new applications and app upgrades use an API that is no more than one version behind the most recent version. However, there are a plethora of out-of-date applications that have not been updated in years. Google will not eliminate such applications from the Play Store, but you will more likely see them less often. Apps that are more than two API versions behind the current version will no longer be installable or display in search results later this year. According to Google, the vast majority of applications in the store comply with these guidelines and will not be harmed.

There are certain essential caveats to take into consideration. Previously installed or bought apps will continue to be displayed even after the adjustment is made. It will only be new users who will be protected from the effects of older software. Additionally, if you are using a phone or tablet that is running a version of Android that is older than the one you are now using, you will see older applications. Examples include the fact that a phone running Android 9 Pie (API 28) will still be able to view applications that target the API 28 in question. Those applications will be hidden if you are using Windows 10 or later.

According to Google, the reasoning for this adjustment is straightforward. If you’re using an Android phone running the most recent version of the operating system, you’d naturally expect all of the sophisticated security measures to, you know, function. Many of these functionalities are ignored by apps that are designed for previous API versions. For certain apps, running them today might be downright harmful since they haven’t had an update in almost a decade. The modification will take effect on November 1, 2022, and will be permanent. Developers will have some lead time to adapt, but since many of the impacted programs will be abandoned, they will most likely fall into obscurity in the meanwhile.

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